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Gift Planning & Bequests

Donor Stories

The stories below speak to the tremendous impact of our donors' generosity and the immense power your gift can have to changes students' lives. 

Read their stories below:


Ellis F. Friedman, M.D., ’63

Ellis Friedman, M.D., ’63 knew as a young boy growing up in Reading, Pa., that he wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor. But he had trouble deciding between the two careers. When he began his studies at F&M in fall 1959, he made sure he took the courses he needed to keep both options open.

John ’70 and Rockette Brunetti

When you have a piece of commercial property you don't use, and it's grown in value, what do you do with it? If you're John Brunetti ’70 and his wife, Rockette, you arrange for it to benefit others when you pass from this life.

Professor Alan Glazer, Ph.D. ’69

Professor Alan Glazer, Ph.D. ’69 is an F&M supporter for life. He is the Henry P. and Mary B. Stager Professor of Business at Franklin & Marshall College. He has taught accounting and completed research at his alma mater since 1975—nearly 45 years.

G. Kenneth Kohlmaier, CFP, J.D., ’73, P’05, P’16

For Ken Kohlmaier ’73, it’s personal—family (including two daughters who are F&M alumnae), alma mater, personal finance and business.

John L. Neigh, M.D., ’55, P’92, G’15

John L. Neigh, M.D., ’55, P’92, G’15, and his wife, Charline, are big supporters of Franklin & Marshall College. They so deeply believe in what the College does, they support it in many ways.

John L. Clark, M.D., ’67

“My family didn’t have the money to send me to college,” Clark recalls. “F&M gave me a full scholarship, and that started my love affair with Franklin & Marshall College.”
Lawrence Rouff, D.D.S., P’99, and Lana K. Rouff P’99 [charity_name] Donors

Lawrence Rouff, D.D.S., P’99, and Lana K. Rouff P’99

Lawrence Rouff, D.D.S., P’99, and Lana K. Rouff P’99 still feel admiration for Franklin & Marshall College 17 years after their daughter, Katie Rouff-Ward, graduated in 1999.
Faye and Richard Gelhard [charity_name] Donors

Faye and Richard Gelhard '57

Faye Gelhard, a Lancaster County native and late widow of F&M alumnus Richard Gelhard '57, left a significant bequest to F&M, the value of which is estimated to reach nearly $6.3 million.
Mary B. Hyman [charity_name] Donor

Mary B. Hyman

Mary B. Hyman is a member of F&M's Board of Visitors and a member of the Founders Society. Her husband, Sigmund '47, who died in 2002, was a longtime member of F&M's Board of Trustees, past president of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, and a Diplomat lacrosse student-athlete.
Donald W. Porter [charity_name] Donor

Donald W. Porter ‘67, G’03

Donald W. Porter ‘67, G’03, is a member of the Board of Visitors of Franklin & Marshall College, a past president of the Alumni Association Board, and a reunion class volunteer, but his student experience at F&M was far from typical.
Eugene Harsh [charity_name] Donor

Eugene Harsh ’54

Looking back, Eugene Harsh ’54 sees a life well lived—in a number of places, in a variety of careers, and with an amazing partner.
Denise and Dean Pappas, M.D. [charity_name] Donors

Denise and Dean Pappas, M.D., ’73

Dean Pappas, M.D., ’73 is the chief pathologist at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, Mass.
Peter Kastor, Ph.D. [charity_name] Donor

Peter Kastor, Ph.D., ’89

Professor and chair in the Department of History at Washington University in St. Louis, Peter Kastor, Ph.D., ’89, has written books, essays and articles, and teaches undergraduates in history and American culture studies classes.
Marsha and Dusty Prentiss [charity_name] Donors

Marsha and Dusty Prentiss ’71

Dusty Prentiss ’71 says he had a mind-expanding experience at Franklin & Marshall College. “I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” he remembers. “I had new experiences, which led to new thoughts. I got a well-rounded education, and because of that I have a good feeling about the universe.”
Barbara and Stephen Slogoff, M.D. [charity_name] Donors

Barbara and Stephen Slogoff, M.D., '64

Stephen Slogoff ’64, dean emeritus of the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University Chicago, says he is grateful to Franklin & Marshall College for accepting him—an orphan from Philadelphia who didn’t have the money for higher education.
Michael Mark, Esq. [charity_name] Donor

Michael Mark, Esq., '74

Michael Mark, Esq., '74 hasn't traveled beyond the moon—yet—but he has been involved in "planetary entry, descent and landing." For the last 15 years, he has served as an associate chief counsel for NASA at the Langley Research Center in Virginia.